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Services we Provide for our residential, commercial, agriculture, aquaculture clients
We install your geothermal unit right, the first time! Not all geothermal products are the same - and no two installs are the same. That's why we have your project sized by a proper certified professional to ensure you have the right geothermal system for your home and business needs. Geothermal heating and cooling systems can save you money on your heating and cooling bills - we can show you examples of savings our past customers have already been enjoying. We also install geothermal systems 100% - so your cost savings start right away!
Oil, Wood, Electric, Pellet, and Bio Mass Boilers:
We sell, install, and service all types of heating boilers.
Pipe Locating, Video Inspection, and Recording:
Locating that elusive pipe just got easier on Prince Edward Island! We are pleased to offer our new service of locating buried sewer pipes, septic tanks, and other cast iron, plastic, and clay pipes to our customers! With the use of a Gen Eye Digital Pipe Locator we can easily locate cast iron pipes to a depth of ten feet and plastic and clay pipes to a depth of twenty feet. All down to the inch! This technology can be used in or outside of buildings!
Drain Cleaning and Auguring:
Is your drain clogged and backing up or just not draining at all? We can fix that. We can clean out all the grease, grime, and gunk in your kitchen and bathroom sinks and have your sink draining like it should in no time. Bigger problem like a tree root growing through a pipe or a major clog in your plumbing system? We can locate the problem and fix it for you. Fix it right with Watertight.
Preventative Maintenance:
Isn't it better to spot a potential problem before it happens? We can inspect your whole plumbing and heating system and identify potential problems before they happen. We will ensure your plumbing and heating is up to standards set by the National Plumbing Code of Canada.
UV Lights and Water Treatment Systems:
We install and service these systems in your home and business to kill bacteria in your water BEFORE it reaches your tap.
Backflow Prevention:
Do you live within a municipality that provides water and sewer services to your home or business? Imagine there was a problem with their system and it backed up into your home. That's a mess no one wants to have to deal with AFTER the fact. Installing a backflow prevention system before an emergency can save you a lot of headaches down the road. We can check to see if you have a backflow prevention system and if not, we can install one for you - preventing all the back flow from entering your home or business in the event of a municipality water or sewer backup.
Water Pumps and Tanks:
Live or work in a rural area? Did you know that you can have the same constant flow pressure as you would get living in a city just by upgrading your water pump or tank? We install and service water pumps and tanks in residential, commercial, agricultural, and aquaculture industries. No water at all? Give Watertight a call.
Oil Tank Inspections, Replacements, and New Installations:
We only install non-corrosive oil tanks. If you're moving an oil tank from outdoors to indoors - we can do that for you. Watertight is licensed, fully insured, and certified with the Canadian Oil Heat Association.
Boiler Cleaning and Service:
Yearly inspections service including filter replacement, nozzle change, cleaning the blast tubes and smoke pipe, efficiency readings, and visual inspection of your fuel system.
In-Floor Heat Systems:
We install in floor heat systems in new constructions and retrofit projects. We do proper heat loss calculations and we install our systems for your comfort. When it's chilly outside - you want your home to be comfortable. We configure each installation to customize to each individual heating system, space requirements, customer heating preferences, and budget.
Kitchen and Bath Renovations:
Whether it's time for an upgrade, leaking or mold issues, selling your home, building a basement washroom from the ground up or finally making a reality, the washroom or kitchen you’ve always wanted.
Pipe Thawing and Freezing:
Pipe problems in a place where you can't turn the water off to the entire building? We can isolate the pipe and get the job done by freezing it, so that the rest of your building can have water service while we work on the problem pipe. Are your water/heating pipes frozen? This does happen from time to time - we've got you covered and can fix this sort of problem too.
Corner of Highway 2 and Lower Malpeque Road in Winsloe, Prince Edward Island.
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