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Frequently Asked Questions
From emergency plumbing and heating services to slab leak repair, we’ve put
together a comprehensive run down of questions we hear most often
Why is there a sewer smell in our house?
The most common cause of a sewer smell in the house is a dry p-trap, a curved pipe that is usually filled with water as a seal to hold out sewer gas. Traps may require periodic cleaning to dislodge clogs that prove too stubborn for plunging or removing with a plumber’s snake. Replacement can be done with disconnecting the trap with water-pump pliers, clean out the debris, and reinstall the trap. If you decided to clean the trap with a chemicals take extra precautions because chemicals can damage the drain pipe if they are not plastic.
Another source of offensive odors can come from your kitchen garbage disposal. If you try to add bleach or baking soda to the disposal and it does not work it may be the rubber ring around the disposal opening. Over time this rubber ring can collect gunk and since it is damp can create odors. To clean the rubber ring, scrub it thoroughly on the top and bottom with a brush with firm bristles or a rage. For both of these cleaning items use some type of antibacterial cleaner.
My drain isn’t working. Is it any way I can find out without digging?
Most older homes that do not have an ABS or PVC sewer line will eventually have this problem. To find out the problem we do video camera inspection. And you will see on a monitor screen everything what is going on inside of the drain pipe. Later we can use cleaning snake or use other solution to help you out.
What advantages will I get if I want to change my old galvanized pipes in my house with copper or plastic?
Replacing your old pipes can increase your water pressure, stop your faucet screens from clogging up with rust and may even improve the color and taste of your water.
I don’t have enough water to use shower and laundry at the same time.
If you feel that you don’t have enough water you can call us and we can provide a solution and quote to increase the amount of water by installing new supply lines with larger pipe diameter. Most older homes have 1/2″ water supply line. You can install 3/4″ copper/plastic pipe or even 1″ pipe to have enough water for your needs.
How do I know if I have a blocked drain?
Blocked drains are usually noticeable by the fact that the toilet will no longer flush away your waste or the manhole covers outside are overflowing. Another identifying factor of blocked drains is often the smell that the blockage emits.
Are all new toilets water saving toilet suites?
One of the biggest ways a seemingly trivial toilet can contribute to the overall sustainable ecosystem of a building is by helping it save water.
I am getting a foul odor from a bathroom in the basement. What can we do?
Plumbing systems are designed to prevent foul odors from entering the house by means of the trap attached to fixtures. Traps contain water to seal out foul odors; if the water seal evaporates, the odors enter the house. To solve this problem temporary, pour a bucket of water in each trap, sink, shower and floor drain. This will prevent the odors from entering the house. The permanent solution, call Water Tight Plumbing and Heating and we will check your plumbing system with a Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) system to find the problem.
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